Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Night News

Hello. This is The Daily Bone and I'm your diligent doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel.

Summer is really setting in here in Western NY. It's getting very warm and muggy outside. Thank goodness for air conditioning! 

My ghostwriter saw a few typical early summer sights while driving around last Saturday. The Canada Geese are raising their families. You can see them in almost every parking lot, eating grass and leaving gigantic green poops everywhere. If you look carefully, you can see another family of geese across the street on the right of this picture. They think they own the place and have no problems sauntering across roads and stopping traffic.  

It's also prime construction time! Check out this group of construction vehicles. Hey, there's Ironing Board Man in the front center. Or perhaps it's his little brother.

As long time readers will remember, Ironing Board Man is my favorite superhero. You've probably seen him in his movie star comic book role as depicted in the next picture. But super heroes often take different forms and secret identities.

Sometimes he gets cast with other super heroes. 

But I'm sure he'd rather spend time doing his summer job at all the road work sites all over the Greater Rochester Area. Here's a picture from a few years ago:

I just love Ironing Board Man! 

In other news, I haven't done a Yum Yum Report in a long time. Ghostwriter and Dad are kind of boring when it comes to meal planning. They cook the same old stuff all the time.

Tuna casserole and green beans.

Grilled chicken, Nishiki rice, and vegies.

Stir fry with baby bok choi, chicken, Udon noodles, and oyster sauce.

Seasoned grilled pork chop, mashed potatoes, steamed vegies. 

I found a few funny doggie comics that I'd like the share with you now.  I just love this first one! It combines two of my favorite subjects: food and super heroes!


Yesterday ghostwriter and Dad went to visit our Oma at the nursing home. She hasn't been feeling well lately, and came down with pneumonia. But she's getting better now. Here she is sitting outside sipping some juice. 

For our last story, we just heard that our good kitty cat friend Minko crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He and Pipo and Mr. Jack Freckles and their humans are good friends of ours, and we're so sorry about their loss. Their Mom, aka petcretary, always made beautiful pictures to commemorate the passing of other Blogville friends, including my esteemed colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel. It must have been very difficult for her to make one for her very own dear kitty cat, Minko! 

Please visit them and send your condolences to:    pipoandminkoandmrjackfreckles

Oh, and one more thing. Here's my tribute to International Box Day: 


Friday, June 16, 2017

Little Big Bird And Other Stories

Hello everyone. I'm your soaking wet doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. Welcome and thank you for tuning in to The Daily Bone.

This is post number 1000! 

OK, enough with the singing! I have a lot to report. I'll start with the reason I'm soaking wet. There was a big thunderstorm. 

Wow! Did it ever come down! It only thundered a little bit, so no problem there.

I think this pounding rain might qualify as "raining cats and dogs!"

Of course, afterwards, I had to do a full exploration of the puddles and mud.

I didn't find any other cats and doggies. 

In case you're wondering, on the other side of the fence is the root end of that big spruce tree that fell down in a wind storm a few months ago. It made a huge crater and damaged part of the fence. The logs are in front of the fence so I won't be able to crawl under it. (We'll get around to cleaning that up and fixing the fence later this summer.) But is that a great mud puddle, or what?

Anyway, now I'm soaked! 


For my next story, loyal readers may remember the little bird nest in the bushes by our front door. It was built by a tiny chipping sparrow. It originally had four little babies in it. We don't know what happened to the first one. The second one fell out of the nest and died last Sunday. The third one flew away. But there is still the fourth one; and he's getting bigger by the minute! 

He's outgrown the nest, and is starting to look like one of those baby grackle gargoyles. We're pretty sure now that he's not a chipping sparrow, but a brown-headed cowbird. These birds lay their eggs in the nests of other birds and then say bye-bye and let the foster birds raise their chick.

He sits on the nest all day, rain or shine, and waits for poor little Mama bird to feed him. He's not too shy and lets ghostwriter pat him on the head. She felt sorry for Mama bird, and fed the little gargoyle some bread, which he gobbled down with gusto! 

Is there more where that came from?

Now for the science part of our program. Here's a short video about cow birds. After viewing this, ghostwriter decided that the baby birdie in our bushes is not so nice after all. It explains why he never leaves the nest, even though he's bigger than Mama bird. He'll continue to sit there and let Mama bird work hard all day to fill his gullet until he's old enough to take care of himself.

Isn't nature wonderful?

Well, here's an update. He finally left the nest this morning!  Check it out. He totally flattened it!

Ghostwriter caught a glimpse of him up in the arbor vitae. But as of now, his whereabouts are unknown. We imagine poor little Mama bird is still feeding his gaping maw! 

And now, for the Flower Friday report. The heavy rain has wiped out the peonies, irises and poppies. But here's what else is blooming this week:





We'd like to dedicate this Flower Friday to our good friends at Dory's Back Yard. Their little doggie named Bilbo went over the Rainbow Bridge this week. This is especially sad because their girlie Dory just crossed the Bridge a few months ago too.

We know well how hard it is to lose a cherished doggie. My esteemed colleague Joseph (Joey dog) Spaniel has been gone for almost a year and we still miss him terribly! But losing two dear pups within a few months is just heart-breaking! We found a nice video for him and his family, and hope it helps a little bit.

Please go visit them and leave your condolences at:  dorysbackyard

So that's it for post number 1000! I hope we have the chance to write 1000 more. We appreciate all of our readers and the Blogville community for their continued interest and support.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Squirrels In Love (Bleah!)

This is a fast breaking TDB news flash, and I'm your dutiful doggie reporter Chester L. W. Spaniel. This morning there was a squirrel invasion in MY yard! 

I chased them all up the silver maple tree. Ghostwriter counted five that climbed down later and ran away across the greenbelt, and saw another one sneaking away on the side of our house. 

When she went up to her office, look what she saw right outside the window. It was alias Twinkletoes and he was staring at ghostwriter like he was expecting a treat. 

Hey! Where's that peanut butter sandwich you owe me?

After she took this picture, she spotted yet another demented squirrel a little farther up the tree. Of course, I jumped right up to the window, gave them a good barking at, and sent them packing. 

When ghostwriter drove to her appointment today, she said she saw squirrels frolicking in almost every yard! There must be an Evil Squirrel Cartel convention!

But upon doing a bit of online research, we found that it's probably squirrel mating season. I was immediately reminded of a clip from the Secret Life Of Pets movie where Pops says:

Squirrels in love. How horrifying!


I went downstairs to my drive-through barking window to watch for those scurrilous scoundrels and love-sick (gag) little scofflaws.

Oh oh! Look look look!

There's another one! Good grief!

I've been working on my stalking technique, where I sneak quietly to the doorway before I zoom out and bark loudly. But he saw me and took off running, went up the silver maple, and then sat there shaking his tail and calling me all kinds of HBO words that I can't repeat here. 

I did a thorough investigation of the entire yard.

Then Dad ran the roaring dragon noisy machine lawn monster thing to further scare them away.

I hope they get done with their revolting romantic rituals soon.


I'm going to have to watch a lot of Squirrel Launching videos to get my mind off of that!


Since we like to offer a bit of science on every post, here's a link below, to some information on squirrels, if you're interested. (It's a whole mess of scientific writing stuff with no pictures.)

But …

… I'd rather watch something funny!

And here's my all time favorite squirrel video. (I wish they were all like that!)